Ryan “6-Pack” Lapadat

The Tale of the tape

Canadian Strongman Legend

BORN Mount Olympus
BIRTH DATE I came into physical form July the 6th, 1979
RESIDES Cloud Nine, though I descend to perform feats of strength when called upon.
HEIGHT 5´9˝ (I claim higher to cute girls)
ARMS Two, left and right.
WAIST As thick as a pillar.
THIGHS I have my grandmother’s thighs (27 inches)
CALVES Yes, veal is high in protein.
NECK Not since I started powerlifting. I barely miss it.
CHEST I’ve got to be double D at this point (43.5 inches)
WEIGHT 210 pounds, but I’m a lot stronger than my body can show 😉

 TV Star from Canada’s Got Talent and Get Stuffed!

Guiness World Records

  • Squats in one hour (123,000 pounds)
  • Deadlifts in one hour (95,000 pounds)
  • Both broken on the same day! July 16, 2010

Powerlifting Titles

  • Canadian Champion 82KG weight class
  • Canadian Champion 90KG weight class
  • World Championships Silver medalist (deadlifts)
  • World Championships Bronze medalist (squats)
  • World Championships Broze medalist (bench press)
  • World Championships Gold Medalist (Powerlifting)


The reason I started to do powerlifting/strongman events is…
I absolutely love weightlifting. Everyone has something they are good at. Some can run fast. Some can jump high. Some can throw a ball. I was born to do this.
The person I most wanted to be when I started was…
Me. I just want to be the best I can be. When I was a kid, I didn’t dream of being someone else. I never dreamed of being Spider-Man or the Hulk. I dreamed of me being a superhero, and it was actually me with super-strength.
The person I owe the most to is…
Alex Drolc, a legendary powerlifter in his own right, brought me in. He opened my eyes as to how a person trains for strength. He took me under wing. He worked out at my gym, and I seen in the papers that he won the Canadian Powerlifting Championship. I approached him, and told him I wanted to start competitively lifting. It’s been crazy ever since. Also, Louis Szpeflicki for helping me on the other side of things.

Four things people should know about me is…

  • When I was a kid, I used to dream of being a superhero when I grew up and using my super-strength to help people.
  • When I got older, I let my dreams go. I didn’t believe in myself. I doubted myself and had an intense fear of failure. It ran my life for years.
  • I now chase my dreams and don’t wait for anyone else to tell me it’s possible for me to achieve them.
  • I still feel fear of failure every time I step out there. Now, I master my fear.

My future holds…


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