Lou’s BLOG – Excitement is in the air!

Recently 6 Pack and I went to Toronto for 6 Packs audition on Canada’s Got Talent! It was an early morning, leaving at a refreshing time of 5:45 to ensure we made it to the Rogers Centre for his 8am audition. We were scheduled at 8 am along with tens of thousands that morning.

Once in the Rogers Centre, 6 Pack was in the first pack of 30 to audition. Getting in so early is a benefit, to ensure you have the freshest judges minds. Ryan 6 Pack Lapadat showed the video of him pulling a plane and raising enough money for him to save a child’s life. Video here;

This inspiring video left the judges wanting more. So 6 Pack quickly went out to the lobby to throw around a few of the gates using his “super human” strength. After witnessing the amazing strength of 6 Pack the producers approached him to do an interview for his spot on Canada’s Got Talent!

NOTHING IS SET IN STONE THAT HE WILL BE ON THE SHOW. WE ALL WILL FIND OUT ON OCTOBER 31, 2011. Be certain that when we hear the verdict, you the viewers will know the outcome.

It doesn’t cost anything to have a drive or a dream. So drive hard and dream big.


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