Stage 4 inoperable cancer survivor blogs!

It must be the worst possible scenario. To be young, engaged, and ready to start your life when you get the news…you have stage 4 inoperable stomach cancer!

You are told that with Chemo treatment you have a best case scenario of 5 years to live, with an average expected life of 1 year. You are also told chemo treatment has only a 40% chance of working at all.

Fast forward to less than a year later, and you are cancer free! A bombardment of tests run by baffled Doctors can’t find a single cell of cancer in your entire body! How did this happen?

Mark Auger, a close friend of mine for my whole life, will begin blogging here about his inspiring journey. For any one who is still fighting cancer against all odds, this will be a story that will inspire you. From the shock of first finding out he had cancer, to the extreme lows of chemo treatments (that had him on the brink of quitting), to the diet, meditation, and natural healing, all the way to the miracle break through of being cancer free!

Mark will tell his story of how he beat the odds, and became that less than 1% who beats his stage 4 inoperable cancer. Find out how that low percentage should be higher, and how you can also beat cancer!

Even those who are not fighting cancer will be inspired by his courage. Superheroes are supposed to be a symbol of what is right, just, and a symbol of hope for the people.  If you want to see a real life superhero, you need not look any further.

This is what a real life superhero looks like

Understanding that there may be some who are currently battling cancer, or who know some one who is fighting cancer, that may want to ask questions of Mark, feel free to do so! You can comment on his blogs and he will respond, or if you want to ask questions in a private format, he has a new email address that is fully functional –

Let his strength and story inspire you like it has me!


6 thoughts on “Stage 4 inoperable cancer survivor blogs!

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      Sorry we were experiencing some technical difficulties. My new email address should be fully operational – , so feel free to email me at any time. Looking forward to speaking with you.
      – Mark

  1. Hi Sadie. Yes this is real and true. It sounds like I had the same type of cancer as your son. I am 100 percent cancer free. Please send your email address here. I will contact you. Anything I can do to help your son get well and recover. It would be my honor

  2. Are you really cancer free…i hope this is true and real…..because my son who is 39 has been going thru chemo, radiation and scans and the last ray of hope has been ripped out from under him…it is metastasized stage 4 gastric cancer…he lives in olympia WA. and has been to Swedish and just yesterday he saw a surgical oncologist in Sacrament, Ca. and thought he would be scheduled for the HIPEC Treatment…..however the ”window of opportunity” has passed and he is back in Olympia to do another round of chemo than after that another CT and PET scan ….how did you beat it???? any suggestions would be welcomed.

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