Lou’s BLOG – Working on the website

Had a really good brainstorming night with 6 the other night. Came up with new interactive idea’s for the website. I have them all down on paper, now its just a matter of making them into a reality on the site. Its not so easy work when you’ve never been formally taught the “in’s and out’s” of a website, but so far its looking good.

Also got some interesting ideas on possibly app’s for Android and iPhone. Just need to contact a developer for that kinda stuff. Definitely not my area of expertise.

The “Ask 6 Pack” page is up and running. I’m very pleased with the way it has turned out! I’m hoping lots of people have questions and suggestions for 6 Pack. It should be a high volume page. We will be able to learn a lot about the public that visits the site.

If you are a frequent visiter to the site you will notice we have a new tab “Need a Hero”. This will be a fun part of the website asking the public if they need a real life Superhero. I am working on getting a pdf form for people to download, fillout, then email back to us. So our team can assess the need and send a superhero to help the victim. It’s mostly for fun, but if someone really needs a superhero and its going to make a difference in their life then it will be taken very seriously.

All this is going to make the website a very interesting place to visit.

Here’s hoping

It doesn’t cost anything to have a drive or a dream. So drive hard and dream big.


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