“The Shark” and “6 Pack” to team up?

Ultramarathon Icon Jim “The Shark” Dreyer is a legend south of the border. He earned his nick name for his fierce and dogged determination of accomplishing unbelievable feats in swimming. How unbelievable are his feats?

How does a marathon run of 26 miles, followed up by a 130 mile bike ride, and to top it off with a 35 hour swim crossing Lake Ontario in a day sound? While some athletes are happy to have completed a marathon, for “The Shark” that is a nice morning jog to warm up for the rest of his day.

It is the type of feats that have no less than President Bill Clinton remarking

“Your extraordinary quests and your indomitable spirit serve as an inspiring example to all. I applaud you for your determination and endurance, and I commend you for using this undertaking to give hope and help to the children.”

Like 6 Pack, The Shark uses his talents to raise money for kids (his focus is the big brothers/big sisters organization) and to show people that any goals are attainable, and any dream is possible.

Both World record holders in their fields, the two are currently in talks to potentially work together in the future. Could there be a historic event to come from this?…

Stay tuned


One thought on ““The Shark” and “6 Pack” to team up?

  1. Jim (Shark) is my swim coach here in MI. An amazing person, who gives so graciously of himself to others and who is also an extraordinary athlete. I can’t wait to hear what you guys may have in store. Thanks for what you both do for the kids.

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