It has been a half year since I broke two Guinness World records in Weightlifting in a single day, and I am still recovering physically. It seems as though a nerve in my right arm has been damaged.

My right arm was dislocated at the elbow in a submission fighting match a few years ago in a tournament, and has ever since been an on going problem. There was also a great while after the records that my one lift strength was badly sapped. For two weeks I was incredibly soar. When the pain left, I found my crossfit style of weightlifting for the records (lighter weight for hundreds of reps that would increase overall weightage lifted) came at a cost of my single lift strength that my powerlifting training gave me.

A few months of changing my lifting back to single lift strength has got me back on track. By mid february I will commence an 18 week powerlifting training program that should end up with me at my strongest I have ever been.

X rays and MRIs of my right arm are currently being examined, and I am seeing a specialist for help. I also have one of the best in dealing with sports injuries in my corner, Dr. Aras Kvedaras, helping me out. Originally I could not even straighten my right arm out. I had constant pain. Now I can straighten it (not all the way, but painlessly) and only have pain in certain movements.

The X rays and MRIs will reveal what needs to be done to fix the problem. I am confident the injury will be taken care of. In the mean time I am able to resume heavy benching and lifting in general. I am bench pressing 315 pounds for a multiple reps in a working set again. This was not possible just a couple months ago. I am squatting and deadlifting at full power again as well.

My overhead pressing has been comprimized due to my injury (my right shoulder has gotten tender because it is compensating) but this is a minor problem.

You can’t make an omellet without breaking a few eggs. You don’t break World records without taking a toll on your body. Sports injuries go hand in hand with sports. Its a small price to pay.

Me and my team are already in talks for more World records this summer. We are already looking towards the future. As always, they will be to raise money for sick kids. Look for an announcement soon on the up coming events. Expect the new World records to be much bigger than last years!

6 up!

– 6 Pack Lapadat


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