Lou’s BLOG – Emma’s Relay for Life

This weekend 6 Pack Lapadat and I attended and raised funds for Oakville’s Relay for Life. We were on Team Emma. Emma is a little girl who suffered from and overcame a form of  leukemia. We met Emma’s family while doing our city to city tour with Camp Trillium. The day we were in Oakville with  Camp Trillium, Emma was too sick to attend but fortunately for 6 Pack and I we were able to meet and keep in touch with Emma’s family.

I met Emma this weekend and she is a beautiful little girl, who is funny, full of energy and very strong. I am very proud to have met her and her family. Her mother Jen, was very inviting when we got to the event, introducing us to family members and friends that we had not yet met. Jen’s mother Ali, was there as well. 6 pack and I had originally met her at the Oakville bus pull for Camp Trillium. If Ali hadn’t had introduced herself at the Oakville pull we never would have had the honour of knowing Emma’s family. She also did a photo shoot for 6, so we could put together a calendar (which is in the works!)

The event was something else. 6 and I had never been to a Relay for Life and did not know  what to fully expect. It was like a fund-raising Woodstock. For anyone who hasn’t gone, I’ll describe it. There were tents everywhere. Like a little shanty town of tents. There was a stage for music, performances and speeches. Events going on all the time, games, movies, songs and thousands of people. I can’t stress how many people were there. I believe they said there were around 110 – 120 survivors doing the walk this year. It is amazing that there are that many people surviving cancer! We are slowly beating cancer! One day we will get this horrible disease. I had an amazing time and look forward to doing this again, either with Team Emma or another group of people. This event really touched me and I believe everyone should raise awareness and come out to these events.

Look out for us.

Your dreams are just goals



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