Lou’s BLOG – First Place

I know anyone who has checked out the blogs so far has been wondering, just how well did Louis do at his first powerlifting meet? Well, I’m no bragger but I came in first. Unfortunately or fortunately, I was the only guy in my weight division. It was still an amazing experience and I encourage anyone who works out to try an event such as this. You don’t have to be a powerlifter. There are other events you can enter, such as local gym competitions. Its not so much about beating your opponents as much as it is knowing just how strong you are.

The meet was held in Brantford at a local gym. I had to be there for 11am to confirm my slot in the bench press competition and for my weigh-in. I had been dieting and watching my weight all week to ensure I made weight, 181.7. I was a little worried I was not going to make weight that morning, even though I had weighed myself at home and I was well within the limit. You just never know if your scale is off. I did however make the weight right on the money.

The lifts started at 1pm, so 6 Pack and I had enough time to go eat and recharge our batteries before the lifts commenced. I was third in the lifting line-up. It was a little intimidating at first but once I lifted my first weight it was nothing after that. I started on 200 lbs for my first lift (a weight I knew I could do with little problem). My next lift was 215 lbs, I weight I have done before but not with a pause at the bottom of my rep. I was extremely happy when I lifted that weight off my chest. Lastly I wanted to go for a personal best of 231.0 lbs. This was the weight that caught me. I was unable to lift the weight the full distance (hopefully there will be video to follow).

All in all, it was one of the only physical events I have ever entered and it was an absolute BLAST. Ill be entering in more for sure. Hopefully I will have more of a challenge next time. Ill be hoping for a little competition.

Look out for us.

Your dreams are just goals.



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