Lou’s BLOG

I have been working on putting together the European tour and Plane Pull. Today I got an email back from an airline company 6 and I are trying to get a plane through. This is a pretty exciting day when you get some head way with a major company. It is very hard to make that first contact. Once we have their ear though, they seldom ever leave  our side.

I have also been in contact with a lady at the Polish Embassy. Aneta Kaprzyk, works with the Canadian Embassy in Poland and she has helped our cause so much. She gave us contacts with Hospitals and Ophanages so we can get this tour off the ground. Through Aneta, we now also have a list of contacts in Embassies throughout Europe. Every day is spent sending out emails. Getting a hold of people is the hardest part of this whole experience. Sometimes we have to get over language barriers as well. We have yet to hit that stumbling block yet. If we do though we know plenty of people who speak other languages to help us out.

We are going places quick.

Look out for us.

Your dreams are just goals.


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