6 Pack Lapadat wins the Ontario Provincials!

The Ontario Provincials were held in December, and some big weights were lifted in a battle to determine supremacy in the sport of Powerlifting.

I was looking to come into the 198 pound weight class, though unexpected events in my life hit hard and I ended up loosing considerable weight and sleep. By the time the competition rolled around I was down in the 180s and figured I might as well sweat out the last couple pounds to the 181 pound weight class.

Me and Alex arriving at the meet

I was nervous, because I had lost a lot of weight fast and was clearly not at my best mentally or physically. Pulling out of the meet crossed my mind several times. Especially when I was uncertain if I was looking to compete in the Nationals for 2010.

In the warm up room I had a chance to see some of the other lifters in my weight class. I knew I would be in for a tough day when I seen a short stocky young man who was built as thick as a house squatting three hundred and sixty-five pounds for a few reps as a warm up.

As it turned out, this same young man came out guns blazing in the squats and chased me the rest of the day.

I had been working hard leading up to the battle of Ontario, and was ready for my competition. With expert coaching from Alex Drolc I took the lead in the squats, gained more ground in the bench press, and then pulled away for the clear-cut win in the deadlift event.

The deadlift event in the past was my weakest of the three events. While it may still not be my strongest lift, I managed well in the 500s and look to head towards a 550 pound deadlift in the near future.

I was glad I decided to compete after all. In life, you are going to be dealt bad cards and given excuses to quit. It’s when you go ahead and try anyways and succeed that you see your true potential. Then next time adversity comes around, you are not as scared. You been there before.


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