Scotiabank rejoins the campaign!

Scotiabank helps 6 Pack help kids

Scotiabank helps 6 Pack help kids

After donating $3,500 last year to the Lift for the Kids campaign, Scotiabank has generously decided to rejoin this year as well.

The campaign would not be possible if it were not for the help of Scotiabank and their support.

Louis Szpeflicki of Scotiabank has already worked countless hours helping with the fundraising, and will be rejoining the team for 2009.  

In 2008, Louis brought in 6 Pack for several presentations in Scotiabank board rooms to spread awarness for the campaign. The result was a sizable donation on behalf of Scotiabank, as well as promotional items in bank branches to advertise the campaign.

We look forward to working with Scotiabank in the up coming year for the city to city fundraising campaign.