City to City tour in the works!!!

2009 will be a busy year for me.

In the works is a city to city tour across Canada. In every city I will be visiting the local public schools and talking to the students about setting goals and chasing dreams. And ofcourse, towing 26,500 pound school buses.

In every city on the tour I will be doing TV, newspapers, radio, etc. aswell. There are numerous sponsors on board, all of them glad to help towards the cause (the SickKids hospital). With their help we are making a difference. The word is spreading.

2009 will bring a few new attachments to the website, and there will also be 6 Pack T-Shirts, CDs, Posters, Calenders, Pictures, etc available  online or at my public events. All proceeds go towards the SickKids hospital.

There will be more strength competitions in 2009, and I plan on setting more Canadian records, and heading to the World Championships to represent Canada once again.

The media and public attention and support has been overwhelming.  The website has received thousands of hits, and the news story has gone National coast to coast. An independent film company has also asked to film the events for a documentary piece to be submitted to film festivals.

The momentum is gaining.

In my home town of Guelph they had to shut down an entire wing at the hospital because of the economic situation and lack of funds to keep it open. Some patients are sleeping in the ER with no rooms to head to. With every city I visit, we’ll make a difference. I have been planning with the help of my sponsors a major fundraising year for 2009. Our hospitals will stay open to all.

We don’t turn away our sick in Canada.


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