The World Championships are this weekend!


And here we are.

It is just days before the World Championships. Lifters from countries like Italy, France, Russia, Germany, England, Belgium, Australia, and all over the World are heading to Evansville Indianna to clash. It will be a spectacle, andthere will be some amazing feats of strength performed this weekend.

In my first World Championships I am in a true Rocky situation. Some of these lifters from across the globe are  all-time Greats. Among the competitors are the strongest people in the World, may be in history given their all time record lifts.

It has been a crazy year. Earlier this year I had never competed in the sport. Fast forward to this week and I am heading to the World Championships. I feel like a man walking with Giants. Some of these lifters I have read about, and look up to. Some of these guys are names every one around the World knows. On the 22nd I will compete against legends. Like Rocky, I am going to try to prove I belong. A year ago no one would have even thought I would have made it this far.

If I can hang with the best of the best and show I belong it will be a huge achievement in my first year in the sport. I am looking to place among the top ten. It would be a huge accomplishment in a short period of time. It would mean that in a few years the sky is the limit. It would mean that the future is bright, and force my competition to take notice.

The pressure is on, and I thrive under pressure.

I won’t let you down.


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