School Bus Pull is coming!

6 Pack is to pull a 25,000 pound school bus this thursday at Aberfoyle Public school!
A look at a full size, 25,000 pound, school bus.

A look at a full size, 25,000 pound, school bus.

 This thursday the 23rd of October, 6 Pack will visit Aberfoyle Public school at 1:30pm. There will be a short talk with the kids of the school in the gym about setting goals and chasing dreams. As a kid 6 Pack read comic books and dreamed of one day using his strength to help others like the heroes he read about. He dreamed of one day performing amazing feats of strength like spiderman or the Incredible Hulk.

On the 23rd, 6 Pack will show the kids at Aberfoyle Public school that you should always hang on to your dreams. Nothing is ridiculous if you can imagine it. As a child like them he believed in those stories, and as an adult he still does. Then 6 Pack will show the kids first hand what will-power can do when he tows a 25,000 pound school bus.

The kids will be bringing donations for the SickKids hospital, and help with the cause. It will be kids helping kids who are not as lucky as them.

On Halloween day 6 Pack will also visit Rickson Ridge Public school at 2:30pm for another school bus tow. If $1,500 can be raised, that will cover the cost of chemo treatment for one child at the SickKids hospital. Together, the kids can save another child’s life. It will show the kids that they can make a difference.

Together, nothing is impossible.


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