World Records set by Canadians!

The Canadian team bringing it home

The Canadian team bringing it home

By the time team Canada arrived to the US to do battle, the team had been cut in half. Late cuts to Jared Rowntree and Jason Fabbian severely hurt the team.

The remaining three members were Alex Drolc, new comer Zbigniew Zatek (originally from Poland), and 6 Pack Lapadat.

The bench press was the first event.

Alex got things off to a fast start in the 220 pound weight class with a solid 407 pound bench press. Ron Wisdom of the US was nipping at his heels with an equally impressive 402 pound press. Lester Mumley fell behind with a 352 bench.

6 Pack had the second highest bench for the 181 pound weight class with 325 pounds, trailing Daniel Henson of the USA (330 pound bench) and narrowly putting him ahead of Nick Apseloff (320 pound bench).

The most impressive of the benching that day was Zbigniew Zatek of Canada. Zbigniew, in the 198 pound class, crushed the World Record for masters with a 451 pound bench press. It was easily the biggest eye opener of the bench press event.

Next was the deadlift.

Alex Drolc seperated himself from the pack and solidified his win with an impressive 661 pound deadlift. For his US counterparts, it put the competition out of reach. Lester would surpass Ron Wisdom (who was a 220 pounder in the master’s division) in the deadlift, but still be over a hundred pounds behind Alex in total. In a forth attempt that is allowed to competitors who are attempting a World record, Alex got a World record deadlift up to his knees before dropping the weight.

6 Pack was the only lifter in his weight class to register a deadlift, as the others opted to leave the competition with bench only. The show must go on, and 6 Pack took all three attempts, netting himself a 451 pound deadlift.

Zbigniew Zatek of Hamilton would not deadlift that day, sticking with the bench press event only.

As it turned out, Zatek would come in handy for Canada when he won the body weight bench press for reps competition. Zatek was head and shoulders above the rest of the competition with a huge 47 reps at a body weight of 198 pounds.

In the strict curl event the Canadians once again shined.

Alex Drolc got the heaviest curl of the day with a 160 pound strict curl. In a forth attempt Alex went for a World record but was spent. Having been dissappointed in his deadlift, 6 Pack looked to make a statement in the curl event.

Nailing his first three attempts with ease, 6 Pack opted for a fourth attempt at a World Record in the Curls. 6 Pack would have to lift the same weight that Chris Desanto and Ted Brooks (both over 275 pounds!) had curled if he was to break the record.

With a titanic lift, the World record would fall, and 6 Pack would bring the final victory to Canada. Below is a video clip of 6 Pack bringing the World Record to Canada.


2 thoughts on “World Records set by Canadians!

  1. Great lifting Ryan. Nice Canadian world record. You are a credit to our sport. I look forward to a heated competition at the World Bench Press contest in Virginia, USA in November. I hope you can attend.

    Dan Henson
    181 lbs. class lifter

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