Team Canada leaves for the US to do battle

6 Pack and Alex, Canadian representatives at the Can-Am meet

6 Pack and Alex, Canadian representatives at the Can-Am meet

In the past week this site has had over a thousand hits. I have to thank every one for spreading the word and helping out. I can’t say enough how important it is to have people generous enough to donate to this cause.

The Canadian lifters going to the US has been cut yet again as of yesterday. First Jared Rowntree pulled out, now Jason Fabbian has also decided to not compete. Both have personal reasons that prohibit them from competing against the Americans this weekend. Canada’s representation at this tournament is going to be extremely small as a result of these last minute cuts to our team.

But that is fine, cause when you step onto that stage to do your lifts you are alone anyways. My goal of setting a Canadian curl record is still embedded in my head. No matter how many Canadians are with me in competition, I still have to worry about my own lifts. So in that aspect nothing has changed.

I’ll do my best for my team mates who couldn’t make the trip, and for those who have poured in to support me. The support is overwhelming. I appreciate it. When I get back I’ll have a full write up of how it all went.

Now lets go crush some Yankees…


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