6 Pack visits the SickKids Hospital!

Last week I visited the SickKids hospital. To say the very least it was an eye opening experience.

The facility is top notch, and I am told countries from around the World go through great lengths to try to get their worst cases over to the hospital. The hospital is respected across the globe. The laboratory in which they do their research is the size of a city block. The research done there has won awards and grants.

It all could not be possible without the generous donations from the public. In Canada we sometimes can forget how lucky we are. Our health care system is in place for everybody. Unlike our friends south of the border, whether you have money or not you will be treated if you need it. It is  something I am proud of, being a Canadian, that we take care of each other.

Walking down the halls of the hospital you see kids with no hair, hooked up to IVs, walking along side their family. They are fighting to stay alive, and right beside them you can see their sibling who is a kid as healthy as can be. I think sometimes we don’t realize how lucky we are to have children who are healthy. If it was our child that was the one hooked up to the IV fighting cancer, we would do anything to help.

We cannot take this hospital for granted. We must come together and help those that need it. Together, we are strong. Together, we can make a difference.

My visit to the hospital has given me even more motivation. I hope no one has to visit their child there. Please donate…


One thought on “6 Pack visits the SickKids Hospital!

  1. I’m from Rickson Ridge and i’m watching you pull a bus by yourself I think it’s cool that you’re raising money for sick kids hospital like Terry Fox did for Cancer we will raise money to help you at least maybe enough to help sick kids we really,really hope you raise enough at our school Rickson Ridge is cheering you on^-^

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