Looking to set a Canadian record in August

I am looking to set a Canadian record this August at the 100% RAW Canada vs. America meet in Vermont.

This competition will be contested for the highest total weight lifted in the bench press and the deadlift. Each lifter gets three attempts to lift their heaviest in the bench press and the deadlift.

There is also a strict curl competition that day. This event will test who has the strongest arms, Canada or America. We have to lift with our backs and butts to a wall, and they cannot come off the wall at any point during the lift. The lifter’s knees have to be locked at all times too. The rules are so strict is leaves no “cheating” room to be performed during the lift. You can only use your arms to curl the bar. Hence the event being dubbed “the strict curl”.

Its doubtful many are as strict when doing curls in the gym. I have prepared for this event. I would perform “cheater” curls that most people do in the gym. This lets me use more of my body in the lift. Then I did the strict curl against the wall. The strict curl rules take off a good 50 pounds from your cheater curls. Its brutal.

It is in the strict curl event that I will be gunning for a Canadian record. The World record in my weight class (181 pounds) is currently a 142.5 pound strict curl. I have yet to hit that mark in training. Still, I’ll try to top that during the meet in my third and last attempt. If I only set a new Canadian record in the meet, I am convinced I’ll re-write the World record books in the near future.

Unfortunately team mate Jared Rowntree is not coming to the meet in August. He was a heavy favorite in the strict curl competition. Team Canada may still have the best deadlifter in the event with Alex Drolc. Alex is also competing in the strict curl competition in the 225 pound weight class.

Another lifter that team Canada has high hopes for is Jason Fabbian. Nick named “the Italian Stallion”, he is a trunk heavy lifter who specializes in the deadlift event. Jason has spent hours with Alex perfecting his deadlift. We’ll get a chance to see how is numbers are in the 198 pound weight class on August 16th.


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