Canadian Champion 6 Pack; “Next, the World!”

I have qualified for the World Championships having won the Canadian Nationals and hit the World qualified total.

I was also drug tested, which was not a suprise as this is the World Drug Free Powerlifting Federation.

It was the second time I had been drug tested in a month. I was told they would likely test a lot of the new guys. I am assuming when one of the new guys starts winning National titles, and going to represent the country at the World Championships they are going to look into you even more. No one wants a black eye for the country when one of their prepresentatives turns out to be juicing (Canada has seen that before).

Which is fine by me, it helps to show that I am infact drug free, and shows these kids that you do not need drugs to help you achieve your goals.

I look forward to competing against the World’s best at the World Championships in November. Returning Champion Andy Bonner had a great total in the British Championships earlier this year. The Irish Champion is right behind him. The German Champion, and Russian Champion are also front runners (the Russian having won the World title twice already). And last but not least is the American Champion, who has just entered the fray with his qualifying total. It is going to be an interesting meet.


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