6 Pack wins the Canadian Championships!

It was a long weekend.

It started off rough because I over shot my weigh-in. I had traveled thousands of miles by plane, rented a car, got a hotel, and had dropped a decent amount to get to the National qualifer. I didn’t want to miss my weight class limit of 181 pounds. No way I was going to travel that far and go through all of this to miss my weight limit. In the past weight lifting competitions I was only lifting for myself, but this time I had to qualify for the World Championships and help raise money for SickKids. No way I was going to let them down because I didn’t make weight.

I walk around at a body weight of roughly 187 pounds, so I needed to cut 6 pounds. With the pressure to make the limit, I ended up sweating out 5 pounds more than I had to in the sauna! I weighed in at a very low 178 pounds. I have not weighed that low in years.

I had made my weight limit with plenty of room to spare, but I was a lil drained.

Still, I did my best to get my body weight back up, and I was back around 184 pounds come time to lift.

I knew I had to hit my numbers to qualify for the World Championships in the fall. I knew I had to dig deep and make sure I lifted the World Classification standard to be invited to the Worlds. It did not matter if you won your weight division or not, if you did not lift enough weight you would not be allow to go to the World Championships. After all, sometimes the strongest guys in certain countries are still just not strong enough.

So I had to win my division, and I had to lift enough weight to qualify me for the World Championships. It was there, against the strongest men in the World, that I would lift and raise money for the SickKids foundation for every pound I lift. Me and the SickKids foundation already had the whole thing planned, and I couldn’t let them down. I had to make it to the Worlds to get sponsors (both corporate and individual) for the fundraiser.

The meet was run by Randy Sparks, and he has been running these meets for years. A very well run meet. You could tell there was going to be some heavy weights lifted that day because outside of the venue you could see cars with licenses plates from all over Canada. They had come to try to qualify for the World Drug Free Powerlifting Championships.

That day World records were set by some of the seasoned lifters. They would not be denied there place at the Worlds.

For my part, I failed on my third bench press attempt, and third deadlift, but still had 7 of my 9 lifts pass. In those 7 lifts (in the squat, bench press and deadlift events) I lifted a total of two thousand four hundred and ninety seven pounds.

It was enough to capture the Canadian title and gaurantee my spot at the World Championships on the Canadian team.

I was wiped, and had reached my goal, so the pressure was off of my shoulders. They were starting the single lift bench press Championships when I was packing and ready to leave. Emotionally I was spent and glad to be over the ordeal. It takes its toll on you to have that kind of pressure. It was like a weight had been lifted (pun heavily intended…and that pun within the pun as well).

That’s when I heard them call my name over the speakers to come to do my first single lift bench press. I had forgotten that two months ago when I sent my forms for the meet I also signed up for the National Bench Press Competition as well as the National 3 lift Competition!

I had to get myself worked back up and go back in there. The people watching were wondering if I was going to drop out of the single lift event, but with some chops busting from my brother B-rad (who flew in with me) I was goaded into lifting again.

I guess when you need it you can dig some more water from the well, cause I still pushed a further 886.5 pounds off of my chest in three successful attempts. I had a strong guy who chased me the whole way (I’ll give his name in my next blog, it escapes me right now). He had not lifted in the 3 lift event that day, and was fresh. I was worried I would run out of gas, but in the end I won. It was a great experience.

On the flight home (which was suppose to only take a few hours) me and my brother’s plane went through a tornado warning, got tossed around like a beach ball, and ended up not being able to land at its destination. We got re-routed. The gods were angry that day my friends. I got home 9 hours later. But that folks is another story for another time. This guy is heading to bed.

Thanks for all the support and well wishes. It may not seem like much when you send them at the time, but its those well wishes and support that pushes me to not give up, and to stay strong. When you are tired and you want to pack it in, you remember why you are doing it, and you keep on marching. I won’t let you down 😉

6 out