The Beginning of my Quest

My whole life I have been labeled a “dreamer”. When I was a kid I use to read my comic books and say one day I would develop super powers and help people in need too. Whenever I dreamt about having a super power it was always super strength. Back when I was a kid it felt like the sky was the limit. I use to perform raps in front of my class in grade 3 and 4, and tell the other kids that one day I would make it as a rap star. The teachers all thought it was cute, and the other kids all believed in me. When you are young you tend to believe in things a lot easier.

As we get older things seem to change. By the time you are an adult and done school you are suppose to have matured and learned to let go of such unrealistic dreams. It’s no longer cute when your parents hear you talk of making it as a rap star. Your peers no longer actually believe you will make a mark with music. And the notion of some one actually helping others and making a difference with a special power they have been given is laughable, and only the thing that is seen in movies.

At 28, I have been conditioned to let all my dreams and goals go. But a funny thing happened earlier this year. As I was mauling over my life choices, and readying myself to apply to university, I decided I was not yet ready to give up. With some soul searching I found that I still did believe.

This year I am going to the Canadian Nationals in weightlifting and I am going to qualify for the World Championships in Evansville Indiana. It is at the World Championships in the USA that I am going to have corporate sponsors donate for every pound I lift in the event to go to the Sick Kids Foundation. These are kids that face adversity and personal challenges every day. Every day they are underdogs that have the odds stacked against them. I am going to show them that dreams do come true, and to never let go of their goals no matter what others might tell them. My whole life I have been strong. This November I will use my strength on the World stage to make a difference and help those who need it.

As of now, with my current financial situation, I can not afford to travel to Indiana for the World Championships. I will sell my CD’s to help cover my costs of going to Indiana with all proceeds going to SickKids Foundation. I do not need to make any money from this campaign; my goal is to make a statement and to make a difference.

Courage is the strength to face adversity, knowing the odds are stacked against you, and moving forward. No matter how few supporters I have as of now, I believe in myself in achieving my goals.

As of now they are still only dreams. No corporations will sponsor me without having qualified yet. No one will buy a CD without knowing I am actually heading to the World Championships. Come June, I will have qualified for the World Championships. The Sick Kids Foundation campaign will have commenced. The under dog’s story will have begun.

Do you believe?